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At Jungles, we use the power of creativity and technology to help you explore new opportunities and turn them into valuable experiences.

At Jungles, we use the power of creativity and technology to help you explore new opportunities and turn them into valuable experiences.

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Our Lab is an exclusive testing and experimentation area in which observation of users’ behaviour enables us to analyze and improve their experience of interaction with websites, apps, advertising, videos or any other product of interest to the client.

To do this, we use traditional research methods (interviews, questionnaires and focus groups) but always in tandem with tools often used in neuromarketing, which make it possible to examine unconscious responses to stimuli.

The Lab is a physical space that allows the end client to follow tests in real time and interact with the researcher, but it can also provide its services online where necessary.

One of the hyper-technological tools at our disposal is Eye Tracking, a method that provides large quantities of information with a very low level of invasiveness.


We examine the experience of visual exploration during users’ interaction with a website or an app, but also with physical products in real environments


We can make detailed assessments of users’ interactive behaviours and usability metrics (eg. clicks, visit times, completion level).


With this test we’re able to precisely measure the eye movements of a subject and understand what they are looking at and for how long.

Using innovative methods and instruments, we are able to understand what a person really “experiences” during interaction with the product by examining their performance in a wholly objective manner.


Facial Emotion Recognition

One of the most extensively used emotional analysis tools. We use an artificial intelligence based web platform that films a person’s face with a webcam and can detect the 6 basic emotions.


Galvanic Skin Response

A hardware comprising small sensors applied to the hands to measure the skin’s galvanic response (changes in sweat glands as a direct indicator of stress).



Various neuromarketing studies have shown that consumers’ emotions can be investigated by analyzing brainwaves. In certain tests, we use EEG to find out whether the user is being unconsciously pressured into accepting a product or whether they are experiencing a disinterested reaction.


User Experience and User Interface are two different sides of digital production, both crucial for defining a user’s relationship with the product but which cannot exist separately.

To our way of thinking, UX and UI work together to enable us to develop navigation experiences tailored to the user. From the design of the architecture to the creation of the interface, our designers start out from the results obtained from the research phase and transform them into effective “user-centric” layouts that guarantee the most satisfying experience of usability possible.


Then, there are words. Words make all the difference on a site or app: they make a brand recognizable, improve the navigation experience and increase the conversions. Every company presents itself to the public with its own identity, style and a unique tone of voice.

That is why, for us, UX writing is an essential part of design and indispensable in defining design flows.
Within a digital context, our UX writers design, together with UX designers, the experience that people will live, through simple texts that are easy for everyone to understand, guiding them to interact with interfaces in the most natural way possible.


In complex situations where it becomes crucial to understand what information to trust in deciding what direction to take, you always want by your side someone who knows the best way.

Someone like our Data Analysts, who are experts in the use of the most sophisticated web analytics tools. They explore, analyze and interpret. They study the results incoming from digital platforms and monitor campaigns without ever getting lost in the data jungle. They gather and extrapolate precious information for clients’ businesses. They provide original insights and create value.

front end

If you go wow! on a website or app, it’s also thanks to the people who optimized your interactive experience, the Front End Developers. They play a vital role in our engineering team, being versatile and multi-discipline figures, not to mention creative and rational at the same time. In short, the people who make the visual part of a product perfectly “usable” by anyone, on any platform.

They’re programming language polyglots but much more than programmers; they know every secret of a layout but they’re not just web designers. In perfect Jungles style, they’reliable partners who find simple solutions to difficult problems in every project, for the development of unique experiences made to measure for the user.